Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Lowdown...

I know it's hard to believe, but I am still here. Simply haven't felt like writing, that's all. Quick update for my loyal readership of...ummm...four? Three? Five? Whatever. Here's a sum up of Linnet:

1. I've actually sent in applications to two of the four grad schools that I was interested in applying to. The third one doesn't accept applications for the winter quarter (or spring semester--whichever they do) until June 1st. The fourth prefers that you begin in their summer session, which I just wouldn't be ready to do this summer, so I'll wait to see how the other three go before applying to start there in summer '08. All four programs are 100% online, distance learning, fully accredited MLIS programs. Please, won't one of you accept me into your school so that I can go into debt for upwards of $50,000?

2. Shawn is transferring to California for longshore work. He'll be driving crane out there (which is what he wants to do as long as he's a longshoreman.) We will be doing the commuting thing. Neither of us has done a long distance relationship before, so it'll be new for both. Ideally, he would like to be 2 weeks down there and 2 weeks in Seattle. I'm a bit blue, I won't lie. However, with him gone for a little while each month I'll finally have that quiet, alone time to write my novel. O. Wait. I'm not writing a novel. Well, I'll have some quiet, alone time to do whatever it is I would do if no one were in my apartment distracting me with his charming, loving ways...Given a choice, I'd rather have the distraction. I fear I may delve into a hermit like lifestyle, the xbox my only companion.

3. I received my tax refund. A whoppin' $130. Damn that 1099 form. Gee, what to do with my riches...perhaps save it towards a digital camera? My favorite film developer is closing up shop for good. I just can't go back to the Bartell's to have pictures developed. Not after being spoiled by the styling glories of Film Stop. Time for me to join the digital camera band wagon?

4. Sight Nine (my still existing, yet quietly so, theatre company) is in pre-production for Mrs. Klein, which will open in September. I predict great things. It is such a yummy play.

That's all folks!