Friday, August 29, 2008

No Music Here...

That's not true.  There is plenty of music, just not being listened to in a way that lends itself to an iTunes music post.  Too busy for that, right now.  Hey.  This is my blog and if I want to have an entry that isn't about a specific album then that is my right.  Right?  Right.  

So I've been in Long Beach, CA, visiting Shawn for the past two weeks.  It's been sunny.   It's been warm.  It's been fun.  Here is a list of some of the entertaining adventures we've had:

We saw Radiohead in Chula Vista.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  I don't know of any other band that is worth seeing in such a venue.  (HUGE.  Annoying.  Potentially a nightmare to leave, traffic-wise, though we lucked out, somehow, and were just fine.  Unlike when we saw them at a similar venue in Washington 4 or so years ago.  We waited in the parking lot for close to two hours before we were able to get in line to slowly leave.  Miserable.)  Gorgeous all around show.  And we didn't have to resort to buying the $5 water or $7 pizza slices, either.  

We have gone to the beach.  Shawn surfed in San Diego, where we spent a couple of days since we were seeing the Radiohead show out there, anyway.  I watched and tried to figure out which bobbing head was his.

We saw a fabulous documentary, Man on Wire.  Go see it if you get the chance.  Quite enthralling even if you are familiar with the story and know the outcome.  It's like watching a thriller unfold.

We went to LACMA.  We went to the Getty.  Art is cool.  

We have eaten food.  Food is good.

I have read several books.  Reading rocks.

We have drunk coffee.  Coffee is manna.

I bought The Gaslight Anthem's new CD.  This band is fantastic and all should hear them.

We bought tickets to Mexico, in October, for our friends' wedding.  Get some, 2008!

We have four more days of who knows what before I go back to Seattle, where it has apparently been raining since I left.