Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Credit Card Getaway

As I type this entry, Yeasayer is playing a show at Neumo's, here in Seattle.  I would have gladly gotten a ticket and seen them play in my hometown, but waaaay back in early February, when I tried to purchase a ticket, the show was already sold out.  What else could I do but try to see them in Portlandia?  So I took myself out on an overnight date to Stumptown (not the coffee shop, though that's the reason it's called Stumptown, because it comes from Portland--though it is now taking over the world, literally.)  Despite having dear friends who live in that lovely little city--and were super close to the venue--I told no one I was coming.  Sometimes you need a little solo time, away from your own day to day world.

Knowing what I know now, I would have been musically devastated had I not made the effort to see Yeasayer play live in a small venue.  (I know, I could have seen them every other time they passed through Seattle, but I didn't love their first album and I LOVE the latest album, Odd Blood.  LOVE it.)  They're the type of band that could explode any minute and the next time they breeze through town they may be at the Moore, or the Paramount.  Not too big, but big enough to not be intimate.  O, my.

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