Thursday, April 15, 2010

Record Store Day!!!!!

Saturday is Record Store Day, and anyone who lives in a town that supports independent record stores MUST participate by showing up at the record store and purchasing something; even if it is a used something.  Though I'll be attending the EMP Pop Conference, I will definitely find time to drop into Sonic Boom--my favorite independent record store in Seattle--and buy... buy... I'm not sure, yet, what I want to buy.  But you can bet that I'll spend my hard earned government student loan money on a great record.  And yes, I do mean the vinyl kind.  I promise to let y'all know what it is.

Within the last week I have had two different people tell me about manifesting what you want simply by writing it down or even sending the fully formed declaration out into the universe.  While I am loathe to believe in astral plane, hippy-dippy mumbo-jumbo I concede that there is something to this.  The first person told me of the Intention List that a mutual friend of ours had and how he (the friend sharing the information) needed to start one of those.  The other friend explained the notion of thought forms-- like clouds that you send up into the astral (?) plane; these you just have to visualize and don't need to write down.

I am going to do both.  You can't see the clouds, but here is the list:

1. I will get a job at the Microsoft Library/Archives in one month.
2. I will move into a two bedroom apartment at the Panorama where my friend's mom lives in two months.  (The two bedrooms cost what most one bedrooms in the area cost.  Aiming high, here.)
3. I will have a great big party after I move into my new pad.
4. I will wear Jill Sander suits and look a-maze-ing.
5. I will help my mother, financially, live a care-free life.

Not bad, huh?   This is what will happen.


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