Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Open Love Letter To Ryan Adams and The Cardinals

Dear Boys,

Wow and wow and wow. I saw your show at Seattle's Paramount theatre, last Saturday and I was not prepared for what ensued. I think I expected a similar show to the one in July, with all of you sitting in a semi-circle on the stage, handsomely outfitted in dark suits and cowboy boots. A melodic, poingent show that only served to emphasize the underlying--and darn right obvious-- sadness in so many of your songs. A quality that I love, and keeps me coming back for more. Well, the sorrow was there on January 26, but it ROCKED. And you were charming and funny and silly and, Ryan, your modesty in always referring to "we Cardinals" was not lost on me. I'm excited for your new album, too. When do we get to hear it? Neal's song was such a teaser...I want more! Thank you, boys, for never failing to reach the entire audience and playing for nearly THREE HOURS!!!! No one does that anymore. At least, not anyone I've seen in recent years. It went by so quickly...
Ryan, thank you for giving an ass-kicking performance, despite feeling under the weather. Even though I was in the first balcony, I'm thrilled that the show is immortalized in your movie. So you may not have been able to see us all up there, I know that you know that we committed to our zombies. Thank you, too, for having the inexplicable talent and heart to share such sorrow. It is a rare gift to be able to write a song that so viscerally penetrates--you write so many. I can listen to your songs over and over for hours and hours, . My heart lies bleeding on the floor and I can't get enough. I don't want to pick it up--I don't mean that in a wallowing, self-pity kind of way. Oh, and thank you for singing "Come Pick Me Up"!

Yours Truly,


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lynksys = Bad/DLink = Good

As a Mac user, I often come across programs and websites that aren't very apple friendly. With Firefox as a web browser, thankfully, most of that frustration can be circumvented. HOWEVER, when trying to set up a wireless router... well, let me just tell you that Lynksys is the devil and I think that no one should buy stock in that company, if there is stock to be bought. Oh, sure, you can go to their website and try to figure out the mumbo jumbo tech speak that tells you how to manually set up the irritating machine; but if you are like me and really, REALLY need someone to hold your hand when it comes to this kind of thing, then the website is no help. The "technical" support is very sorry, ma'am, but unable to assist you with this problem. Please refer to our "help" pages. Help my eye.

All is well at l'bird's wireless nest, now that I've found DLink. The nice young man walked me through the entire set up process and now I'm free! I'm free! No longer saddled to the confines of my little desk. Sitting comfortably on the couch while I await my dinner date, Erin. (Noodles, anyone? I'm starving.) She can call up to my apartment without fear of a busy signal because I don't have dial up anymore!!! Wow. School rocks.

O. Except the "I have no idea what I'm doing I must be insane" feeling that I've had since yesterday. School does rock. Librarians are the best.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

These Are the People in My Neighborhood

Draw your own conclusions from this... I'm only sorry that I didn't have a camera at my disposal when the window sill also displayed music box innards looking somewhat like a little bomb, tick tick ticking away our certain demise... There's another sign on the other side of the spiral tree (added to the lineup sometime in the fall) that just reads "Time Is Running Out". I walk by this everyday, just about, and have enjoyed watching its evolution. The Mary was a constant, as were the two signs. But the offerings--or examples of man's greed and destruction, as it were--come and go.

Is that fools' gold in the box? Why, I believe it is!

The curtains are always drawn, sometimes a warm yellow light peeps through the crack in the curtains behind the blinds. Who is this person? A true religious zealot or just a guy/gal with an apocalyptic sense of humor? His/her life is o so mysterioso.