Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Furniture and The National?

The National have a new album coming out in May, and there was a free download of one song a couple of weeks ago.  This is a band that for whatever magical reason when I hear them my chest tightens and I feel a sort of panicky need or urgency to bury myself in the the music, to cover myself, to roll into the fetal position and stay there until I've reached saturation.  I'm not explaining it well, and it is such a strange feeling.  I am so disappointed that their spring tour will take them not to Seattle, but to the Sasquatch Music Festival out at the Gorge.  I don't want to go to the Gorge (and as of this morning, I guess the whole weekend is sold out because the line up is SO DAMN GOOD!) because it's 1) a looooong drive and I don't have a car, 2) a festival type atmosphere with lots of sweaty, drunken, annoying bodies bumping into me and standing taller than i am so I can't see anything anyway, 3) difficult to arrange a sleeping situation because you have to get a permit to camp or pay for a hotel somewhere in the vicinity and 4) I just don't like those kind of big crowd shows.  I don't even go to Bumbershoot anymore because it's so claustrophobic crowded feeling.  Still, I am eagerly awaiting the new release and recently made a discovery regarding a possible influence even though it may not be connected, at all, to this band.

A Connection?  I've been watching Some Kind of Wonderful--a favorite since it's release waaaaay back in 1987--late at night as I fall asleep.  (It takes me weeks to get through a movie because I generally only am awake for about 10 minutes before it is snooze city, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...  I love the "sleep" function on my t.v. remote...sigh...) I used to have the soundtrack, which I loved and listened to over and over again when I was in Jr. High School.  One song, in particular, has stuck out as sounding very National-like, though it would be more appropriate to say that The National sounds very Furniture-like as can be heard in their song "Brilliant Mind."  Who knows if there really is a connection, but sonically speaking it sure seems like one exists.

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