Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Authored an Electronic Finding Aid!

Look at me!!!  My finding aid for the Public Information Officer Records of the Seattle Fire Department is an EAD (Encoded Archival Description) on the Northwest Digital Archives website!  See for yourself, kids.  Naturally, as I look at it I see all kinds of things that probably could have been done better (and it was the first big collection that I processed) but the City Archivist has to OK all EADs and he wouldn't have given the go ahead if it weren't SMA (Seattle Municipal Archives) worthy.

Last few days have been a severe Ryan Adams kick.  Over and over and over again with the tunes.  He's prolific, so it took me a couple of  days to get through everything that I have uploaded to iTunes. The whole of today, since getting home from my internship and after my run, I've been listening to these gems in various shuffled order:

Anybody Wanna Take Me Home
Crossed Out Name
Harder Now That It's Over
How Do You Keep Love Alive
Blue Hotel
Dear John (Live in Studio)
My Winding Wheel
Hard Way to Fall
When Will You Come Back Home?
Sweet Illusions
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
If I am a Stranger (Live in Studio)
Magnolia Mountain
The Hardest Part
Monday Night
My Heart is Broken
Oh My Sweet Carolina
These Girls
Starlite Diner
Down in a Hole
Born into a Light
If I am a Stranger
La Cienga Just Smiled
When the Stars go Blue
Let it Ride
Cold Roses
Come Pick Me Up
Dear John
Now that You're Gone

I sense a theme... (sweet melancholy, slightly to very lonely, longing, etc., in case you're unfamiliar with the R. A. catalogue.)  Can't wait for the metal album.  Seriously.

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