Sunday, March 28, 2010


There are many activities that I truly enjoy indulging in solo.

1. Live Music
2. Movies
3. Shopping
4. Library Visits
5. Bookstore Browsing
6. Coffee Shop Sitting
7. Eating Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Out
8. Record Shopping
9. Going to a Museum/Gallery

There are some activites that I don't mind participating in solo, even though a buddy would be a great addition.  (Some of these activities may appear on more than one list..)

1. Eating Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Out
2. Movies
3. An Evening Cocktail at a Cozy Watering Hole
4. Going to a Party

And some activities are rarely done without at least one friend accompanying me.

1. Going Dancing (This one absolutely requires a buddy.)
2. Going to a Party-- Especially When I Don't Know Anyone
3. Going to Some Watering Holes

I am contemplating going to a gallery/bar tonight that has started hosting djs on Sunday evenings who just spin records.  No dancing, no raucous crowds.  A barista pal suggested I go sometime (he is one of the djs next month) because it's just a big, chill listening party and very fun.  I was thinking about taking my Records Management reading and heading over there after I eat some dinner... but I feel a little like this is the kind of activity that would be better with a friend.  Only I don't have a friend that I can ask to go with me.  I have friends, for heaven's sake!  It's just that they're mostly attached and it's a school night and they're not likely to want to wend their way over to the Hill just to sit at a gallery/bar to listen to records with me.  Should I stay or should I go?  I will probably go, or at least do a walk-by.  A part of me feels like this is precisely the kind of activity that I should be indulging in if only, potentially, to make the acquaintance of some other folks who like to stay out past 10pm.  Maybe I'd even see people I kind of know already... maybe my barista pal.

A few weekends ago, I met some girlfriends for a little Emerald City Soul Club festivities (after the opera and in high heels and a late 50's vintage cocktail dress no less!!) and ran into (danced into?) a friend of mine on the dance floor.  He came alone!!  To a dance club!!  I was very impressed, maybe a little in awe, too, and told him so.  He said that he always winds up seeing people he knows so he doesn't feel like he's there alone.  Wow.  I wouldn't have that confidence.  I don't.  No way.

The shield of reading material is always helpful in solo situations, and that's a big reason why the activities that I enjoy on my own never feel awkward.  (Yes.  I am that girl at the bar, trying to read in poor lighting.  But I don't mind...)  It's the new territory that makes me nervous.  Last night I really wanted to attend another soul night, but couldn't find anyone who wanted to go with me.  It just wouldn't do to bring my New Yorker with me on the dance floor.  And at a club, even one where the majority of folks are really there to dance there asses off and just have good ole' fashioned fun, having a buddy is, to me, smart.

So.  Will I go to the gallery and see what's what?  Yes.  I've decided to brave the unknown.  Will I stick around?  Hard to say.  All depends on the vibe.  If it feels like the sort of place that I can easily pull up a chair or cushion or bar stool, open my book, order my beer/tea/soda/whatever and relax, then I'll stay.  If it's too crazy and I feel completely out of place, I'm leaving--after I look at the art.

On the turn table: The Honey Drippers: Volume One ($1.00, rummage sale in the market.)

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