Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain, Cold, Sera Cahoone

Walked into my fave coffee shop for my late afternoon dose and the barista was playing Sera Cahoone.  I'd chosen The Jam for my bus ride up the hill (see title for reasons why I opted for the bus over my usual walk) but had removed the headphones to place my coffee order.  "Oh.  Sera Cahoone is perfect for a day like today."  "Yeah, really comforting, isn't she?"  "Yeah."  Out the door, hot coffee in one hand, spinning the iPod list to Cahoone, "play all" as I walked the rest of the way home.  In the door, turn on iTunes laptop, choose Cahoone catalog--two albums--and select the repeat function.  Six hours later... still listening.

Melancholy, a little twang (some songs include harmonica and banjo!), slightly reedy alto voice mixed with some smokiness, bit o minor keys (I think), plaintive, achy.

Totally fitting for the weather, my mood.

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dup said...

I love Sera Cahoone.