Thursday, May 13, 2010

There were tears.

I'm still in a little bit of shock.  Maybe denial?  I just turned in my last assignment, ever, as an MLIS grad student.  I keep staring at the computer screen as if I expect something to happen--say, for instance, a hand to reach out with a roll of paper tied with red velvet ribbon and a computer recorded voice exclaiming only as a computer-generated voice can, "Congratulations.  You have completed your degree requirements."  Or maybe no hand, no diploma (because I assume the rolled up paper was a diploma) and just a voice saying "You still owe UWM 0.40 cents and until we have that, you cannot graduate."  I do, apparently, owe 40 cents, and in order to pay that I have to also pay a $6.00 service fee if I use an electronic payment.  I am not paying this.  I don't even know how it's possible to owe 40 cents.  Tomorrow I am calling the Bursar's office and either getting it removed or telling them that I'll send a check for the amount in order to avoid this so called convenience fee.  (Hold it.  Is there somewhere in here that I can blame Ticketmaster for this?  Were there "convenience fees" before Ticketripoff got in the game?  I wonder...)

But the denial.  I can't believe that starting tomorrow--heck, starting right now--I won't have any assignments due, readings to complete, discussions to participate in... nothin'.  Sunday morning, when I wake up, start the water for coffee and head downstairs to retrieve my Times I'll be able to read the entire paper if I want to.  No need to impose a time limit on myself in order to ensure that I get started on the week's class readings.  I CAN EVEN DO THE CROSSWORD!!!!

This will take some getting used to.

(Notice I said "as an MLIS grad student;" one never knows if I may return for some more o' that expensive book learnin' at a later date.  A much later date.)

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