Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ticketmaster is the d-E-V-I-L!!!!

This is not news.  Anyone who has ever had to purchase a ticket from the grossness that is Ticketmaster knows how frustrating it is to not know the real total of your purchase until you've hit the "confirm purchase" button.  Knows how infuriating it is to pay a "convenience charge," and that by the time the transaction is completed you've paid 1/2 the cost of the original ticket price in Ticketmaster's web of profit that has nothing to do with anything other than greed.  AND, the venues that you think are above using this corporation as the producer/vendor/dEVIL are not and you're at their mercy unless you decide to never ever see some bands play again.  AND, AND, AND it's more pervasive than just huge arena shows.  Some of these venues are the smaller kind.  The kind that I am much more likely to frequent.  Stinkerheads.

So this morning I caved and bought my The National/Okkervil River ticket for a September show at Marymoor Park, despite not really having the money for it.  But, like Yeasayer, I know that if I don't go to this show I will forever be kicking myself and be haunted by thoughts of having Cheap Tricked me out of seeing this fantastic band again.  (I don't care that they are getting more and more popular.  I am happy for them.)  And who needs that kind of regret?

Have I explained this Cheap Trick thing yet?  I feel like maybe I have.  But just as a refresher:

Main Entry: Cheap Trick

Pronunciation\ˈchēp\ \ˈtrik\
Function: verb
Etymology: Cheap Trick is an American rock band from Rockford, Illinois, formed in 1974. The band consists of members Robin Zander (lead vocals,rhythm guitar), Rick Nielsen (lead guitarbacking vocals), Tom Petersson (electric bassbacking vocals), and Bun E. Carlos (drums,percussion).  On more than one occasion, Shawn (former boyfriend and current friend of Linnet) and Linnet (former girlfriend and current friend of Shawn) noticed that Cheap Trick would be playing at a local music venue and put off buying tickets on the assumption that they'd just get them day of show.  They were wrong.  
1: To miss out on an event or purchase of a desired object due to laziness, reluctance/waffling, or the assumption that said event will not sell out or said object will be of no interest to anyone else thus affording you all the time in the world to buy the object or a ticket to the event in question only to find out that the event/object is sold out.

Damn!  I Cheap Tricked Yeasayer at Neumos because I waited until February to get my ticket for their April show.

Sure wish I hadn't Cheap Tricked that used Replacements album at Wall of Sound.  I just didn't have the money and I thought I'd find it again. (I didn't really.  I would never Cheap Trick a used Replacements album.  They are so rare...)

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